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Stockholm School of Economics and Latvian National Library, Riga

8.-10.October 2015

conference participation

new art & science conference series, inventing new avenues for developments of tomorrow. The changing role of art in society is one which does not just create a new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. The Renewable Futures aims to shape new contact zones between traditionally separated domains, and bring together art and science, culture and digital technologies, sustainable businesses and social engagement of the 21st century. The conferences aim to develop new models for a more sustainable and imaginative way of life.

The performance lecture by Grammar or Urgencies at Renewable Futures looked at different practices of post-growth aesthetics, ephemeral territories, future rituals or performance of evidence, which aspire to address transitory moments in relation to the perception, construction and transformation of the current sense of decay, depletion, mutation and exhaustion at the interface of conceptual and scientific languages.      

“...the possibility of thinking of the present as an interval/transition between the “now and then”, “here and there”. This space can be thought as a productive field, also one of the anexact - theorized by Gilles Deleuze as the essentially but not accidentally unexact. GoU investigates the passage in its representational syntax as well as in its subversive potentiality- to become a point of departure for creating different grammars of criticality of what “urgencies” are on a non/representational and non/universal discourse of in/finitude. What kinds of local narratives and fields of ‘Handlung’ arise in the new alliance of Eco-Eco with the either named Anthropocene, the Post-Anthropocene or the Post-Human, which seems to be a device to map the loss of control of the ‘Eco-Eco’ power?” (Abstract for the Conference).

Organized by RIXC in collaboration with Art Research Lab of Liepaja University

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