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Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

29.October to 18.December 2020


»Debatable Land(s)« is an experimental spatial installation, and the first chapter of a year-long project dealing with mechanisms of space appropriation and their historical and current deviations, employing Malta  - an island state in the Mediterranean Sea with a long colonial past - as an artistic case-study. »Debatable Land(s)« gathers research materials as well as artists' contributions, using methods of investigation, intervention and the performative, to reveal how territories as products of intersecting interests create new artistic fields of practice. They examine how 'urgency' shapes the concept of the 'now'. Rights, law, politics, economics, and emotions, as well as new manifestations of governmentality, which in recent months have changed our understanding of safe space – both private and collective - are central to this research project.

With contributions by Mohamed Ali 'Dali' Agrebi, Keit Bonnici, Antoine Cassar, Charlie Cauchi, Charlene Galea, Roxman Gatt, Jimmy Grima and the rubberbodies collective, Bettina Hutschek, Magna Żmien, Letta Shtohryn, Guy Woueté, Chakib Zidi, Tobias Zielony

EVENT, October, 28th 2020:

Exhibition opening with performative statements (online) by Mohamed Ali 'Dali' Agrebi & Chakib Zidi, Antoine Cassar & Roxman Gatt and Live-Stream

A project in collaboration with Margerita Pulè/Unfinished Art Space and Greta Muscat-Azzopardi, and part of the Fleeting Territories series.

The project is supported by Arts Council Malta.

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